Title: Sailor Starlights' Origins: Kinmoku's Geographical Map (RATED 13-16)

Sailor Starlights 1

Sailor Starlights (Left to right: Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Healer).

Ah yes, the Sailor Starlights, known to have the three all in certain positions as of fighting style such as Sailor Star Maker to be the "Strength" (and "Defense"), Sailor Star Healer to be "Speed" (well, her weakness is Physical Exertion) and Sailor Star Fighter to be "Balanced". But their origins that lay secret forever is something everyone wants to know what Kinmoku looks like or its' geographical map. I however always thought about this since Kinmoku seemed to take similar appearances like Earth as of the bluish coloring and those white clouds upon the planet itself. What if Kinmoku was "Geographically" mapped as of location and even including where the Sailor Starlights' have their origins/birthplaces at.

To briefly describe the Sailor Starlights, the Sailor Starlights consist of, you guessed it, three Sailor Senshi. On the picture (above), the tallest out of the three is named "Sailor Star Maker", or AKA "Taiki Kou" and is considered the most intelligent out of the three. The Sailor Starlight in the middle is "Sailor Star Fighter", or AKA "Seiya Kou" and is considered to be the leader of the three Sailor Starlights. Last, but not least is "Sailor Star Healer" AKA "Yaten Kou"; she is considered to be, well, let's just state the Sailor Starlight who has a stubborn attitude towards others... So, since that was a brief description, let's get right onto the theory since this one will have a lot of sections that have multiple sections...

Kinmoku-Earth Relations

Kinmoku and Earth

Comparison of Kinmoku and Earth's view on a certain side.

As Kinmoku is thankfully viewed during the Anime and Manga, it's possible to compare Kinmoku to a planet. Well, Kinmoku is nearly similar to Earth, except the fact there is much more white upon it and if you look closely, it's possible to catch a enormous continent that clearly connected with the blue very noticeable to be the ocean. Although Kinmoku could be smaller than Earth, but certainly, but might as well be a sustainable planet for the "Kinmokuian" People (I usually call the Sailor Senshi or outer life that take very similar human features as "Humanoids"). Of course, we can state that Kinmoku must have a "Super Continent", meaning most of all of the land has been together and been together like this during its' longing evolution. Although, we only see one side of Kinmoku rather than the other side of Kinmoku, so what is on the other side of Kinmoku? Maybe it's still the same "Super Continent" that is possible to see or there could be continents, another Super Continent, or an enormous collection of islands there...

Along with that, how about the oxygen amount? We could theorize that it's possible there is two times as much oxygen than Earth has oxygen on Earth or three! Due to recent science studies, increasing oxygen two times more on Earth will cause more happiness, alertness, and even cause an increase in physical performances! Isn't that a great thing to have on Earth, but if it happened on Earth, enormous insects would roam due to the oxygen comprises on their size. Any who, we can state that Kinmoku's oxygen is two times more than Earth's oxygen to get a sense of how Kinmoku's People live. For another idea, if it was THREE TIMES as more, it could possibly make Sailor Stars Maker, Fighter and Healer lose that high amount of happiness, alertness and physical performance (maybe that's why Yaten hates physical exertion due to being on Earth; Less Oxygen).

Kinmoku Planet Arrows

Kinmoku Geography Map: Red Arrow = Forest-Jungle Areas; Blue Arrow = Marine/Ocean Area; Orange Arrow = Kinmoku Kingdom and City; Purple Arrow = Mountain Ranges; Black Arrow = Arctic/Snow Cities

Now, let's get in closer detail about the "Super Continent" and the types of land masses that are possible to be found there. First, we have a sense of the vast green lands, stating that Kinmoku doesn't have any deserts or some sort due to rain conditions are constant throughout the year in order to replenish the vast green lands across Kinmoku. Since there are no industrial areas on Kinmoku spoken of or any democracy with multiple parties, we will leave it that Kinmoku is run on a monarchy-based type with Princess Kakyuu ruling Kinmoku currently (Kinmoku is shown on the right again in order to get a closer scale with detail). If Kinmoku was set up like this, then the axis for Kinmoku would be similar to Earth's similar conditions such as its' axis being pointed at a 23.5 degrees on its' axis. Since of this axis' tilt is similar to Earth's, this gives Kinmoku's Super Continent able to have rain conditions more often and more sunlight days to gain the surplus of forests, green lands and plains growing on this massive Super Continent. To lastly input is the weather that is happening in Kinmoku. On the picture, it's easy to tell that the Forest and Mountainous Areas have constant rain conditions or cloudy conditions, especially around the Forest ranges. Certainly, this is some Astrology, Meteorology and Geography being inserted in order to geographically locate areas, explain certain weather conditions upon Kinmoku and learn the axis conditions of Kinmoku!

Now, let's extended the Sailor Starlights' Origins AKA Birthplaces...

Sailor Star Fighter's/Seiya Kou's Origins

Sailor Star Fighter 1

Sailor Star Fighter

Sailor Star Fighter's Origins are as hard to detect as her other allies, but this doesn't mean that we will never know! Since it there was some theory put down of the evidence about Kinmoku's geographic locations, let's try to identify Sailor Star Fighter's Birthplace (As of regions; Regions include Forest-Jungle, Kinmoku Kingdom/City, Outer Cities, Arctic, Marine and Mountain Ranges) To take in perspective of Sailor Star Fighter's colors, it's very assuming that Sailor Star Fighter's colors represent her eye color like the other Starlights have it as well. So, since blue represents a "marine-ocean" geographic area, we can state that Sailor Star Fighter's origins lies in the marine-ocean life. Along with that, Sailor Star Fighter's color blue states to mean "loyalty and trustworthiness", which is how Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter acts towards her allies, Princess Kakyuu, and even Sailor Moon during the Stars Arc. Of course, the disadvantages of blue include to be "Self-Righteous and/or Aloof", which is how Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter would become if she was on her bad side.

To explain Sailor Star Fighter's/Seiya Kou's life in a marine-ocean area, it's more common for the Sun to come out and rain during the afternoon due to humid temperatures. Sailor Star Fighter must have lived in a small city that was known to be responsible for the ports and the fishing in the Kinmoku Super Continent. Since communication is important at Sailor Star Fighter's marine-sea town, it seems Sailor Star Fighter is the talkative one in the group as well as commanding and leading her allies. Besides that, the weather there is rainy there for that the clouds constantly 'swell' due to the humid temperatures, making fishing much easier since the fish travel closer towards the ports of the several connected marine cities. Although, her parents are to be unknown as well and they are never to be ever recognized, but it's good to recognize that they might have divorced, but it's most likely that they have died tragically in front of their own daughter. Who knows possibly, but maybe a tragic fire-freak accident has inflicted fear into Sailor Star Fighter back then. Though, we can say that Sailor Star Fighter like her other "sisters" (Sailor Star Healer & Sailor Star Maker) are considered very "dominant" and they are independent at certain points, but they work together as they know that they all can relate to each other. Along with that, their own personalities certainly connect well together and with Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya Kou placed into the "Leader" Position in order to lead her and her allies.

Sailor Star Maker's/Taiki Kou's Origins

Sailor Star Maker 1

Sailor Star Maker

(Long Theory + Masculine Looks): With Sailor Star Maker to be a quiet (and mysterious) ally in her group, her origins could have been well started in areas more likely to be isolated. There are Kinmokuian Cities lying upon the mountainous ranges, so let's state that Sailor Star Maker's birthplace started in the mountains. With only three small towns upon the mountain and one large city below the mountain ranges, Sailor Star Maker's small town was likely to be the second highest town of all Kinmoku. With Sailor Star Maker's prime color to be purple, this shows that Sailor Star Maker herself as a secretive (meaning she hides the deepest secrets within her, even from her close friends), compassionate and a gentle being. But disadvantages include her being on too many projects that causes Sailor Star Maker stress, thus leading her to revolve into becoming angry or very moody. Even too much purple causes Taiki to become a moody one! About her parents, look at how Taiki Kou expresses herself: Serious and quiet. It could seem Taiki Kou back then was taught to be submissive to her parents, but possibly, both of her parents have died in a certain way that made Taiki Kou see it all with such shock and horror, Taiki Kou lost all tears and can't show tears by her parents' deaths: Decapitation.

Sailor Star Maker 2

Sailor Star Maker (Full Body/Upper)

With Maker living in the mountainous ranges, this means she was living in high attitudes and has high breathing capacity. Let's state the highest possible height for a human being (Earth), or the highest city is called "La Rinconada", which is claimed to be the highest city in the world, for that it is at the height of 16,732 Feet high (or 5,100m) and is way below the limit of human breathing capabilities or just the Death Limit, which would be ~26,000 Feet! Since Kinmoku (let's use two times of oxygen) has more oxygen in the air than Earth is capable of holding onto, this leads to Sailor Star Maker living higher! Since Sailor Star Maker lives much, much more dangerously higher than the highest thing(s) in the world, so let's take 16,732 and add it with that same number to get: 33,464 Feet, which is way, way over the "Death Limit" of where humans can suffocate and drop dead due to lack of oxygen! So, Sailor Star Maker lives insanely over the limit with breathing capability increased in her, but that doesn't mean it's warm up there at all! As of the second-highest city in the world with the first being 35,836 Feet high, Sailor Star Maker mostly wore winter-like clothing with large animals roaming near Sailor Star Maker's hometown. With Sailor Star Maker seeming to be unnaturally tall for a 16-year old (according to some sources, Taiki is 6'2", but since that is according to male form, its possible Sailor Star Maker in female form is possibly 6'0"), but look at Taiki Kou in her "Sailor Starlight Form". Any... Male features? Masculine to the least I could ever say? Her shoulders seem hard to well indicate, but she seems to have broad shoulders, which is common for males and not very common for women. Broad shoulders indicate a masculine feature, but there isn't a lot of other male features to make Maker seem masculine... How about her eyes? It seems to give off a masculine and very serious look along with her hair style seeming very masculine as Taiki Kou was able to hide her gender identity 100% while Yaten took clear look as female, but odd as male (Seriously? How did NONE of the girls take a single speculation of YATEN'S FEMALE LOOKS?!).

Punnett Square

Punnett Square; Upper T's are Dominant while little t's are recessive.

So, in Sailor Star Maker's mountainous region, Maker was mostly likely very tall due to her genetics or ancestry involving in tall people. To add that, it could be possible that girls that are tall are considered rather rare due to the genetic/heredity possibility for gaining the "tall, recessive gene". It's like a Punett Square that has four squared sections (Side) and the function is easy: Dominant usually take over the recessive, but if Sailor Star Maker blasted to a tall height at 16, this means that Sailor Star Maker had painful growth pains along with gaining two "tt". Although seems interesting, Sailor Star Maker could be as well be suffering from "AIS", but, we aren't going to get so deep in that. If we stated that Sailor Star Maker HAD "AIS", that would mean she is suffering from the X Chromosome's genetic disorder, which causes the testes to become cancerous (if not removed).

So, Sailor Star Maker is only "Androgyny" or androgynous, meaning that Sailor Star Maker has equal amount of masculine AND feminine hormones and traits. Neither masculinity or femininity will dominate the other in this situation. Thus, Sailor Star Maker is not necessarily suffering from a syndrome as I once would have thought back then, but this is just due to her having masculinity (broad shoulders, deep speech) and femininity (gender identity, body type?) balance each other. Also, it must be her hair style being so masculine as mullet hairstyles might be considered masculine, which might have caused her appearance to look so masculine to others.

Sailor Star Healer's/Yaten Kou's Origins

(Medium Theory + Yaten Kou Has Albinism?)

Sailor Star Healer 1

Sailor Star Healer (Background: Sailor Star Maker)

Sailor Star Healer, the stubborn and aloof girl out of the group, might as well say she comes from the Kinmokuian City, certainly that won't be it! Don't have Sailor Star Healer settle because she is certainly a warrior in the forest/jungle! Yes, Sailor Star Healer, with her green eyes and the colors of green on her Sailor Star Uniform, she was born in the Forest/Jungle. A rather extreme living for that where Sailor Star Healer was born... Any who, her color green states such harmony, balance and growth in her, but the negative side effects include her selfishness, aloof and stubborn attitude: Just like she already shows those negative personalities!

Sailor Star Healer's birthplace is deep in the low area of the Kinmoku Super Continent where she was born in the Forest-Jungle like environment. Although a tribe, it is rather a civilized tribe that knew about Princess Kinmoku/Kakyuu very well, but Sailor Star Healer was a rebellious one who was certainly loved being free spirited. With her free spirit, it's possible that Sailor Star Healer's environment was surrounded by many exotic creatures of the roaming world. Going lower down will be the warm forest while going upwards from the greatly low area would be the humid and damp jungle where Sailor Star Healer was born in. Different from Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker's conditions as of being well civilized, Sailor Star Healer was a free spirit type of girl who never liked to be told anything! This is how her stubborn attitude formed, but not only that, but her explosive self, or basically turn it down to being a hot-headed girl out of the Three Sailor Starlights. Sailor Star Healer, with her 'moonlight' hair, is known to be the first time that someone with white hair was discovered as many state that it was a curse laid on Yaten Kou. Others (in the Kinmoku Super Continent after hearing about this) suggest that it was a gift, but it's very debatable how it happens. Sailor Star Healer, as of all women in the tribe, are split up into two certain groups based on their attitude and their physical selves. With Sailor Star Healer hating physical hard work, it seemed she was classified, or was never classified! Sadly enough though, her parents are unknown, but possibly they are both deceased by a certain death, but must have been rebels that have killed Sailor Star Healer's parents off, thus leaving her shattered and hopeless to herself. Of course, Sailor Star Healer learned after time by time to fight herself, thus beating those scum kids that are always bullying her, but Sailor Star Healer stopped by then for getting scolded for harming them... Although Sailor Star Healer doesn't have tan skin or so, the area is always cloudy, humid and damp, thus resulting in currents occur more at the Forest-Jungle Areas.

Sailor Star Healer Comparison

Sailor Star Healer Comparison. Right = Manga ; Left = Anime

Hold up though, Sailor Star Healer is THE ONLY Sailor Senshi with WHTIE HAIR... This must mean that Sailor Star Healer has Albinism, meaning that either your hair, eyes or skin are infected (one, two or all of them!). Although, so many myths state that Albino People have red eyes, but that isn't the case as the pigment amount varies through the person. It's a common confusion if Healer has either white hair or silver hair, thus it's commonly thought Sailor Star Healer had white hair due to the Anime and in many, many artworks of Sailor Star Healer (by artists who draw Sailor Star Healer with white hair is more common). So, do we perceive Sailor Star Healer to have white hair and just leave it there and nothing about deeper about white hair's origins? Probably since it's not well mentioned at all or it's just publicly avoided (Healer might as well have Minor Albinism if it's possible). Well, there aren't any visionary conditions that Sailor Star Healer has explained about (and Sailor Star Maker doesn't have any either, but seemed to like wearing glasses sometimes for probably a 'magnified' vision to see further and closer.) or has complained about in the Manga or Anime.

Summary Of Theory

Sailor Starlights 2

Sailor Starlights (Left to Right: Maker, Fighter, Healer)

With the study of the Kinmokuian System and how Kinmoku works, with the Astrology, Meteorology, and Geography to indicate areas, landmasses, and land types on Kinmoku to identifying the each of the Sailor Starlights' colors in order to place them best as possible into their original "worlds"... From identifying Sailor Star Maker's masculine phenomenon as a syndrome to Sailor Star Healer being identified for having Minor Albinism is certainly a tough thing to write upon all... The Sailor Starlights are still a big mystery by their past, as well as some other Sailor Senshi!

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